Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blog roll, please!

This is just a short, image-free post because I have added a blogroll of the sewing and style blogs I follow. I think I put a knitting blog in the mix as well.

It really bugs me when bloggers don't put up a blog roll of some sort. I won't follow a blog that doesn't try to promote others this way. I am Judgey McJudgepants about it.

I look for a few things in a blog; decent frequency, a style that I can get behind, authenticity, and lots of pics (which this post is definitely lacking). If it is a sewing blog, then some good information about the topic. Oh, and a world view that includes...the world. That goes beyond the blogger somehow.

So on the right hand side is a list of blogs I enjoy and admire for a variety of reasons. If you have any favorites, let's hear about 'em!


  1. I love blogrolls, I get a ton of inspiration that way. Thanks for reminding me to get mine back up. I took it down for maintenance, since it was well over 200 and wp doesn't show that many, so I had to enter them manually and got behind. But I should get my A into G, the people deserve some credit!

  2. I think that all the sewing blogs I read I found through Gertie's blog either directly or indirectly.